Get in touch and where to find us

December 11, 2014


Over Boothlow Management Team

Bookings: Emma – 07846 526146

Caretaker: Ian – 07723 705597

Housekeeper: Julie – 07527 967457



Over Boothlow is situated in the centre of the Southern half of the Peak District National Park putting it roughly in the centre of the country. This makes it ideal for a family get together, a graduate reunion, or similar event, especially sleeping 10+ people.

Manchester Airport is less than 1 hour away by road and the nearest rail station is at Buxton, about 6 miles away

The waypoint marker indicated on Google Maps, will take you to the top of the farm track. The road does not continue on Google please follow these instructions.

Once you are here please proceed to drive between 2 posts ( the 1st post has 4 reflective white rings at the top, to aid locating in the dark, and the letters OB below them. The 2nd is a footpath sign) then, down a half mile farm track to Over Boothlow. Please re close the two gates if they are already closed to keep the stock in, when you get to the second gate, it is the right hand one.

 There is a hill of about 20% gradient and 2 bends.

Travel in first gear using laybys if you meet upcoming traffic. When reaching Over Boothlow, turn left into the yard, taking care of walkers using the footpath.